Upcycling is the best way by reuse your seamless bra as a pumping bra. If you want to save money, here’s quick tutorial on how to make one yourself without picking up a needle and thread.

1 pair of sharp scissors
1 lighter
1 seamless bra (I’ve used Flourish seamless nursing bra)
1 Thifty pumping mum
1 marker pendiy pumping bra - what you need

Requirements: The bra must be nylon/elastane and knitted for this to work.

Step 1:

Try the bra on that is about to become the pumping bra. Mark on your highest points (your nipples) with a marker pumping bra - step 1

Step 2:

Fold bra in half length ways so the points you’ve marked are on the fold linediy pumping bra - step 2

Step 3:

Cut adjacent to the fold line approximately ¾ inch or 1.5cmdiy pumping bra - step 3

Step 4:

Very carefully seal the frayed ends with a lighter.

Please note:

  • Keep your fingers away.
  • Slowly creep the cut edge to be sealed to the very base of the flame.
  • Use tongs if necessary
  • Do not touch the burned fabric until it is cool (20 seconds)
  • Have a bowl of water handy if you need to extinguish
diy pumping bra - step 4

Step 5:

Remove the pump end from the bra and insert from insidediy pumping bra - step 5

Step 6:

Voila! Your own handsfree pumping pumping bra - step 6


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