When you become pregnant, there are some pretty obvious and known changes that occur that we are all aware of. Changes include a growing belly, tighter clothes, bigger breasts, weird cravings and the need to pee, all the time. These are just a given but have you given any thought as to why these things happen? What other things may or may not happen to you when you are pregnant? Here are a few random things and why they might be happening.

Big Foot Coming?

Your feet increase in size and never go back to how they were before.

The ligaments in your entire body are relaxing to allow for the growth of your baby in your womb and torso. Your feet also contain many ligaments. When these relax, they lengthen and widen your feet. Your feet may also swell when you are pregnant and this is from fluid retention. It’s a double whammy when you are pregnant and that’s why you always see moms-to-be in flip-flops, purely for comfort. Be aware that when you try and wear your favourite shoes from before you were pregnant, don’t be disappointed when you realize they will never fit the same.


You are more hairy than before

Thanks to those lovely pregnancy hormones, your hair is thick and luscious… everywhere and also in places that you didn’t have hair before. Some places can include your nipples, your belly, your upper lip and so forth…


Yes you are eating for 2. The 2 that you are eating for are not the same size, so why are you so hungry all the time. You are using more energy due to your blood being pumped around your body twice as much.

Your stomach is also much smaller due to the usual space it takes up being occupied by a baby instead.

You will feel fuller quicker and also need to eat more often. Hence the reason, you feel you are always hungry and always eating.

We all know the feeling of needing different foods for different times.

When you are sad, you feel like chocolate. This is because chocolate contains certain alkaloids that promote serotonin and this enhances your mood.

When you are angry, you may want a pad thai. This is because chili increases your metabolism and makes you want to burn energy.

When you are pre-menstrual, you may crave a steak. This is because your body is reduced in tryptophan and this is needed to produce serotonin.

There’s a little bit of science behind the weird and wonderful pregnancy cravings that you may encounter, such as:

Craving Meaning Solution
Salty foods Your body is deficient in salt, this is because you are producing much more blood and sodium is required for healthy production. Eat healthy and naturally salty foods
Sweets You are reacting to your body’s insulin drops because of low blood sugars caused by pregnancy Try and eat low GI foods to stop the insulin crashes
Spicy foods These are usually craved when your metabolism is sluggish Try and eat smaller meals more often. Eating spicy food is not such a bad thing when you are pregnant.
Acidic foods: pickles, citrus, sauerkraut This is due to your stomach acid being low in acidity. You are fine to attempt to correct your stomach acidity so eating citrus and other things like this is not a bad thing. Just don’t over do it.
Pica or Not foods at all: dirt, wax, coffee grounds, ash and other strange things. Each one is very different and is due to something lacking in the mineral side of your diet including such things as iron or magnesium. Your body is craving something that you are not getting enough of from regular foods.  Inform your health care practitioner as eating these items may harm your baby due to microbes or parasites. 

Walking funny?

Your bone structure changes – your hipbones separate and rotate away from each other. Sometimes, these stay like this a little bit each pregnancy. When this happens, your walk can also change from a stroll to a waddle. This is because your weight is distributed in a different way and you will try and compensate this.

Your rib cage will also unlock and separate in the later months of pregnancy to allow for the displacement of the organs that are pushed further north.

weird pregnancy symptoms

Rearranged organs?

Not only are your organs pushed up to allow for the baby that is taking up all the room where they used to be, but they can be in a different place completely. You may find yourself short of breath, because your lungs are not able to expand fully. This can also affect your stomach as mentioned above. Because these are smaller spaces, the amount that you fart and burp can also increase as your body may produce the same amount of gases required before you were pregnant. Your heart is having to work twice as hard pumping more blood around your body and placenta, all of this being squeezed into a smaller space too. We all know about the urinating more often, this is because your bladder is smaller and fills up quicker. Yes, we are pretty amazing.

You may develop a dark side

Hormones can cause pigmentation to go a bit crazy with spots on your face and neck and sometimes all over your body. You may develop a line from your navel heading south, which is called the ‘linea nigrea’. This is always there but when pregnant can become darker and more apparent.

Your vagina is strange

There is a lot more blood being pumped around your body, this can make your pink bits appear blue or purple. Because there is a lot more blood being pumped around, this can actually increase sexual response and make it easier for you climax. You may get enlarged veins too, just to make you feel extra special.

strange things happen when pregnant

Your senses are on high alert

Not only will you be able to smell a smoker from the next town, but your taste buds will be also be on high alert. Some people say that their hearing becomes sharper and when hurt or cut, feel this more also.

Baby brain

This one is a strange one and there is no real medical reason for it. If you take into account all of the changes that are occurring above, mixed with being preoccupied with a baby growing inside you and the fact that your life is about to change for ever, it’s no wonder you forget some of the mundane items of the everyday.

These are just a few of things that may or may not happen to you. Some people experience no changes at all, whilst others experience all of the above and then some.

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