Women are likely to be flooded with a barrage of mixed emotions when they finally fall pregnant. Feelings of excitement relief, anxiety, and panic may be experienced all at the once or individually along the way.

It is important to remember that these emotions are normal and that pregnancy is a journey. Take each day as it comes and push through the bad days and relish the good.


What can you expect?


You may often feel tired particularly in the first trimester when your body is going through a transitional faze.

It is important to listen to your body and rest when you need it. You may even find an afternoon nap is welcome some days.


Sharing the news with your friends and family is an exciting time especially as you decide when, how and to whom to break the news first. Expect the attention and look forward to receiving plenty of advice.

Morning sickness

Unfortunately for a lot of women morning sickness is a part of their pregnancy.

Some women will experience, nausea and a feeling of being unwell. Others can be physically sick usually in the morning, while in some extreme cases women have to be hospitalized due to severe vomiting and dehydration.

Whilst morning sickness is mostly short lived, some women do experience the symptoms throughout their entire pregnancy.

Should you have any concerns regarding morning sickness it is advised to check with your health care provider.


Raging hormones are normal. One minute you might feel happy the other sad. Keeping on top of your feelings is important. Make sure you talk to your health care provider should you be concerned about feelings of overwhelming sadness and anxiety.

Weight gain

Weight gain is perfectly normal during pregnancy.

It is advised to eat healthy and exercise regularly to help regulate your weight.

A woman of a normal weight before pregnancy should expect to put on 25 to 35 pounds through her pregnancy.

Your health care provider will help to monitor your weight gain during your check ups.

Skin conditions

Pregnancy can play havoc on your skin. Acne, rashes, pigmentation, dark circles under the eyes is common.

The important things to remember is that they are short lived and are often a result of raging hormones during your pregnancy.

It is advised to see your health care provider should you be suffering from a skin condition.


From weird combinations of food such as pickles and ice cream, to hamburgers, to ice cream, chocolate, pizza etc. Cravings are normal and should not be ignored.

Should you be unfortunate and have a craving that is not good for you, you can indulge once in a while but don’t make it a habit as weight gain could be one of the bi-products.

Find healthy alternatives to help curb your cravings.

Clothes don’t fit

You will probably find this to be the case early on in your pregnancy as you gain a few extract pounds around the waist and your breasts increase dramatically in size.

Get fitted for a good supportive transitional maternity bra early on in your pregnancy. The stretchy nature of the bra will move with your changing body providing much needed comfort & relief.

Itchy skin

As your bump and breasts continue to grow your skin is gradually stretched and can become quite tight.

The stretching can result in itchy irritable skin. Keep your skin well moisturized and drink plenty of water to help reduce the signs of stretch marks.


A pregnant woman’s body temperature rises by about 2 degrees.

Avoid hot unventilated spaces as they may cause dizziness and in some cases feeling faint.

Keep your shower water temperature at a warm to lower temperature and avoid saunas and hot spas.

Wear cool loose fitting clothing made from natural fibers. Cottons, bamboo and modals will help to keep your body cool and avoid over heating.

Baby kicking

At approximately 16 to 20 weeks you should start to feel what might be described as butterflies in your tummy. These are the first baby kicks. As time goes by the kicks will get more obvious and the movement will also be seen from the outside of your belly.

Sleep deprivation

It can become difficult to sleep in the last month of pregnancy.
As the baby gets larger he or she may be pressing on your bladder. This will wake you with a sudden need to use the bathroom.

Getting comfortable can also be challenging. Try sleeping with pillows between your legs and one supporting your back. Having a raised soft elevated surface to rest your body on will feel amazing.


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